It is strange to think that a tragedy was the catalyst behind the dynasty that has seen four generations of George's family involved in the world of pastries. 

While his great-great grandfather was on a sponge fishing trip in the Aegean sea, he drowned, forcing his then nine-year-old son to work in order to provide for the family. As a nine year old George's great grand father was sent to Russia in the early 1900’s to work with a Kalymnian family of pastry chefs.

He learnt the trade over the years and then returned to the Greek island of Kalymnos to open the first of our families patisseries in 1918 and “the rest is history”

George grew up around the family businesses and found himself very interested in the hands on side of things.

In 1995 after completing his training in Kalymnos, under the watchful eyes of his grandfather Mike Vouros and uncles Michael and Peter Vouros. He opened Kalymnos Pastries in Adelaide, South Australia.

Family is everything for George, and with out them, none of what he has achieved would have been possible.

George has a great passion for his heritage and wants nothing more than to keep traditional Greek recipes alive. Come along with him and experience an amazing journey of traditional Greek ways, being kept well and truly alive right here in our proud Australian back yards.